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Some of you gloriously beautiful people may have noticed that, much like any good superhero or lady of the night, we go by two names.

To most, we are known as ‘The Granary’. This is quite understandable as it’s the name plastered on the side of our buildings and it’s the name we use when we answer the phone. We’ve had it for 30 years and it’s kinda stuck.

The other name, our ‘aka’ is a bit smarter, a bit more professional and, in my humble opinion, a whole lot cooler – Bread of Heaven. It’s the official limited company name and you would have mainly come across it on invoices and statements etc.

Why am I telling you this? Well it’s because we are going to be re-branding the whole business over the coming months to bring Bread Of Heaven into the forefront and I didn’t want you all getting confused. (as if!)

Bread Of Heaven Bakery Logo

If by chance you still end up feeling confused by the whole thing, now or at any time in the future, I can personally recommend Dr Johanssen, Lead Consultant for the Department of Extreme Clinical Disorders at the Wooton Wawen Institute for Lonely Sandwiches. A good friend, a great doctor and an amazing gherkin carver.

The Granary Bakery
Todays' bread, today.


32 West St.   |   Haslemere, Surrey   |   01428 653226   |   service@granarybakery.co.uk

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