Prior to 1834 The Bank of England actually observed 33 ‘Saints days’ as Bank Holidays - lazy gits. Thankfully, somebody with a brain took control and in 1834 this was reduced to just 4 including the August Bank Holiday on the first Monday in the month. I imagine it was concluded that things don’t get done if nobody is actually doing them. A couple of centuries later, in the interests of not really being able to leave anything alone, this was moved to the last Monday in the month for reasons way beyond me.

Something else on this point that’s equally beyond me is why, why oh why oh why oh why, does this also mean that everybody that doesn’t work for a bank gets to have the day off as well?

I mean, a typical office worker gets 104 weekend days, a dozen or so public holidays, 5 weeks statutory holiday, a few ‘sicky’ days for good luck, an inevitable spout of maternity or paternity leave at some point and then, just to really ice the metaphorical cake, they get a good 16 hours off on each of the days they actually do work (if that’s what you call it). Ooohh, the country is in recession, I can't afford the bills, milk is too expensive. Tosh.

Anywhichwayround, They are all going to land on you this weekend and eat bread (amongst other things). I am therefore asking you, as kindly as I can, to ensure your orders are placed by 1:00pm this Friday to give us a fighting chance of making it and getting it to you on the Saturday before they do.

We, ahem, wont be delivering on the Monday as I have given my staff the Sunday off. Rest assured however that they are working on the Monday so you fine folk can have bread again on Tuesday – cool beans.

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