If you are busy, just read the last 3 paragraphs, the rest is optional at best.

You may all be thinking that here at The Granary we lead a simple life producing a simple product from simple ingredients.

You mix der flour wid der wader and sqidge it into a ball. Job done.

Well let me tell you, mon ami, life is not so simple. Take a look, for instance, at our order pack & dispatch equation:


Appreciating that x2 (goods required) and bx (time of order) are variables that are provided from an external source (that’s you), it may not surprise you to learn that sometimes, the result varies.

Our target result is ‘Happy Customer’ and deviation is not acceptable. The departing vehicles of offending staff are joined by two MIG21’s, one on each wing, and they are never seen again. This is not good for staff moral.

Being a bit of a boffin, I have been working on a new equation that looks a little more like this:

x + y = Happy Customers

where x is goods ordered using our new online ordering facility and y is anytime before 5:30pm.

This new online ordering facility is designed, like me, with simplicity in mind and is tailored to each customer. When you login you will be presented with a list of your regularly ordered items (which you can alter yourself easily). You then just enter the quantities you require, add any comments if you wish and hit the button – Boom.

If you would like to be involved in this new simple, streamlined and lets face it, damn good looking method of ordering, please click the button below and I will give you a password. That’s it, you’ll be saving time every day from that moment on.

Tell me more about online ordering

Whereas the online ordering is optional, the cut-off time is not. As of Monday 6th May, the cut off time for all orders will be moved to 5:30pm. Sorry about this but believe me it is necessary – currently we only have 7 hours to produce 5000 freshly baked, high quality, hand made products and it is becoming impossible with the demand we are experiencing for our wares.

Standing orders are encouraged. These can be changed at will, daily if required, and they ensure supply when Mr forgetful pays a visit.

The Granary Bakery - Changing the world one loaf at a time.


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