Not the best place to hide cotton-tail !

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We have been considering the ramifications of the coming Easter period and contemplating our options. The general consensus up until this morning was to find a quite place to hide in. I think Yakutsk was the preferred spot. We were hoping that maybe nobody would notice and we could slide back in on the Tuesday as if nothing had been happening.

However, as we take our responsibilities very seriously, we have decided to stay and face up to the inevitable crisis that will ensue.

I can therefore confirm that we will be operating as normal through the Easter weekend closing only for the Monday. Your Friday orders for Saturday delivery will need, therefore, to accommodate this unwarranted bout of laziness.

Our only request (other than half a dozen extra bakery staff), is that orders placed on the Friday are in with us by 12:00 to give us at least a fighting chance. We wholly expect to be producing 3000 loaves, 6000 baps and at least 1000 items of confectionaries, by hand, from scratch in 16 hours.

Good game, good game.


PS – I am exaggerating our concerns, we are all over it really!


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