Chill out boys, there's enough to go round you know!

Rugby Tackle

I was a bit bored this morning and wanted to do anything except the boring admin on my desk so I have been pretending to create a newsletter for you guys although as I really don't have anything to say, let me just give you some facts.

  • Last year, the four demi-gods I keep in the cave made over 750,000 items by hand.
  • Our vans drive 68,640 miles a year - thats 2.7 times around the world ending up in Mongolia (a great little pub serving Yak burgers).
  • We never charge for the holes found in our donuts - these are always free of charge. If you receive a ring donut without a hole please let us know and we will send one out immediately.
  • We use 208,000kg of flour each year or 660kg per day. If that was fifty pound notes it would be worth £30.2 million (and I would not be writing this email).
  • Our ovens are permanantly on, take a week to cool down if they are switched off and go through £14,000 in gas each year - ouch!
  • My middle name is Iain which is ridiculous I know.
  • Nathan, the elder of my two bakery partners can fall asleep by counting down from 10 (a good job really cause he hasn't quite got the higher numbers sorted out just yet).
  • We are no longer allowed to call a Cornish pasty a Cornish pasty. Corwall now have the same rights as Champagne with regard to product nomenclature. Brings me to tears.
  • As a truly international company, we now employ 2 Poles, 2 Welshmen, a Scot, 9 Brits and Mike who's from Petworth.
  • In North Carolina, it is illegal to plough a field with an elephant.

Knowledge is power you know!


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