It's bread chef, but not as we know it.

Well in truth, quite the opposite applies. It's exactly as we know it, and that's good news.

Its as fresh as we can make it without having ovens in the delivery pods and its as good as we can make it after 30 years of practice.

It contains the very best ingredients we can buy, has no additives, preservatives, colourings, space dust or E-numbers of any kind.

Yesterday we tried to make it better and failed. We will try again tonight but I already feel this will be a futile effort.

So what can we do? How do we offer you more?
Perhaps a no-minimum order policy? Der! already done
Discounts? Bagged
Variety? Check
Long credit terms? Affirmative
Hang on I've got it.... Okay maybe I haven't

One of the bakers just suggested a fact finding mission to the Delta Region. I wonder?

I suppose all we can do is thank you and bid you a fine voyage.


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